Parking on the street

There are many residents parking and double-parking in the street. This causes a hazard for emergency vehicles when trying to get to someone in a medical crisis or to access a home to put out a fire. It also makes it more difficult for someone trying to park or get out of their residence. The deed restrictions state you can have a three-car garage which will also leave a place to park in your driveway. A lot of residents have enclosed their garages and are forced to only park in their driveway. As your children grow, they start driving and adding vehicles to the household causing them to park in the street. As a possible solution to this growing problem, we suggest that you submit an ACC form for a driveway extension. We will begin reporting residents illegally parking in the street to the sheriff’s office.

Flushing Sanitizing Wipes

Is it okay to flush disinfecting wipes?

EPA urges Americans to only flush toilet paper. Disinfecting wipes and other items should be properly disposed of in the trash, not the toilet. These wipes and other items do not break down in sewer or septic systems and can damage your home’s internal plumbing…

For more information, please visit this EPA page about the problems caused by flushing these and other itesm.